Originally from the Philippines, Imelda moved to Bronx, New York with her family at the age of seven. Though she can't ever remember a time when music wasn't a part of her life, she can pinpoint the moments in which she felt compelled to make music: It was always the sound of wind that drew her to the piano and rain that brought her to pick up the guitar.

Growing up, songwriting was always a secret passion, but eventually Imelda started to share her music with trusted friends. While attending Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and the Performing Arts, her music spread among classmates and teachers. Although she gained confidence in their support it wasn't until her first show in a friend's basement that awakened her to her own talent as a performer. Since then, Imelda recorded music on her own while performing regularly and building a loyal fan base.

In 2003, she released her first CD, Midnite Mellow. Recorded on a four-track in her hot Bronx apartment, the album would eventually lead to her biggest break yet. Shortly after the release of Midnite Mellow, Imelda relocated to Chicago. She continued to perform at various open mikes when in a surreal turn of events a dreammaking TV show changed her life. When No Opportunity Wasted aired on the Discovery Channel, music from Midnite Mellow was featured during her episode as well as a solo performance at Chicago's Aragon Ballroom. The national exposure motivated strangers across the country to seek out her website and email her supportive letters.

What Imelda represents is very important. Over time, the music industry has deteriorated into a representation of juvenile minds. Although there is a place for today's performers, the general public is desperately craving something more mature, developed, and artistic. Imelda surpasses and even alleviates the shallow mindset of the immature world in which we live. I believe, that if Imelda really makes it, she may be a catalyst in reshaping the ideals of our society...And I, for one, just feel so refreshed from watching her and seeing how she affects those around her. It is like crawling out from under the heavy rock of music and seeing a ray of light. (Amy S. of Baltimore, MD)

In 2005, Imelda began working on songs for her highly anticipated new album entitled Noise Noise Noise. During that time, she carefully gathered and refined her songs to not only standalone but also make a cohesive body of work. In February of 2006, she found Three Pear Studios with the help of a generous friend. Although her past recordings involved only piano, guitar, and vocals, she wanted more for her first in-studio album. Careful not to lose the simplicity of her songs, she recruited the help of musicians she new would only enrich the sound. The result is a true showcase of her songwriting abilities and musical talent.

Those who simple appreciate good music can't ignore Imelda de la Cruz, no matter what kind of musical genre they enjoy.

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